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Bordentown (Lower) Station, 1912
[Photo courtesy of Bordentown Historical Society]
The John Bull Locomotive...scale
drawing created for the Smithsonian Institute by John H. White.
[Image courtesy of John H. White Jr., John T. Cunningham]

C&A Locomotive #241, at Hightstown, circa 1910. Pictured in the Cab is Engineer John W. P. West, who also operated the John Bull
[Photo courtesy of Hightstown Historical Society]

Note: Photos of the C&A's endangered Sleepers in Spotswood have been moved to 'Current Photos'...please click on the above link
Above: 1) Monument to the First Steam Railroad in New Jersey (C&A), Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown.
The relief illustration was based on the historic...
2) John Bull specification (1831) by assembler
(& Bordentown resident) Issac Dripps (shown at right)
[Courtesy of John T. Cunningham]
Left: Poster from Philadelphia, distibuted in opposition to the C&A's 1839 expansion of service into that city via Trenton

Below: C&A RR Dock Office (& PRR Ticket Office) at Peir #1,
New York City, circa 1880
Below: Section of original railway, as constructed w/ stone Sleepers, 1831. Burl. Co. H. S. archives claim this as a Nathan Ewan photo from the Jamesburg area.
Center (& Above): The modern T Rail, as invented by by Robert L. Stevens
(also President of the C&A in the 1830's & '40's)

Above: Prince Street (Bordentown) Arch Litho, 1845, W view, from lower station

Below: McKnight/Molyneux Machine Shops, Bordentown, 1870, located just SW of Crosswicks Creek trestle, Trenton Branch
Courtesy: Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey
Courtesy of Paul Liparski Jr.
& LeRoy Parcels Sr.
Above: 1) 2 PRR RS1's...long hood forward... northbound along the Delaware & Raritan Canal, through Hamilton Marsh, Trenton Branch, June 1952
2) Palmyra station, built in 1887.
Center: C&A Baggage Car #10, 1836
Below: Riverside, w/ Philadelphia Watch Case Co.
Courtesy of Will Valentino
Right: Camden depot, 1904 photogravure by Edward Lamson Henry. The Engine shown is The Planet; w/ the Steamboat William
docked in the Delaware River background
The John Bull
(1881), from
the Smithsonian
Broad St. Depot, Burlington City, Circa 1870
Courtesy of Herman Costello
Courtesy: National Museum of American History
Courtesy: West Jersey History Project
Riverside station, 1915 (also shown at left), S view
Courtesy: West Jersey History Project
Hightstown, 1886...C&A trestle spanning Main St.
Hightstown station, from TOTC postcard
Courtesy of Hightstown Historical Society
C&A Passenger Carriage, 1831
C&A accident, near Burlington, August 29, 1855
24 passengers perished...100 were injured
Above: Haddon Avenue station, Camden, 1892...located on Chew's 1880 Map (at Right) in the left corner of the Wye (adjacent to Cooper Hospital). This map also shows the intersection of three of New Jersey's major rail lines emanating from Camden ...running E & W is the Camden & Amboy...running S from the Wye is the West Jersey Railroad...& running N & S (crossing the C&A at 10th St.) is the Camden & Atlantic Railroad. A fourth, the Camden & Burlington County Railroad, ran on C&A tracks, up river to the Delair Wye; & then turned W on its own tracks, through Moorestown and Mt. Holly to Pemberton, where it joined w/ the Philadelphia & Long Branch Railroad via the Birmingham Wye.
Courtesy of Camden Historical Society

Left: Engine #1037, Class D, constructed at the Altoona Machine Shops (PRR), April 1883...scrapped Nov. 1909. Kinkora freight house shown on right. Circa 1900
Below: Roebling depot, 1910, E view
[note Roebling Wire Mill in far distance, on left]

Above: 1903 flood, W view, which stalled trains (at Right) and partially submerged Kinkora station (also pictured at Left): circa 1910, E view
Above: Camden & Amboy Railroad company logo
Courtesy of Springfield Twp. Historical Society Archives
From the collection of Richard Szatkowski
From the collection of Richard Szatkowski
Courtesy of Louis Borbi
Left: C&A's Trenton Branch, circa 1890...double tracks alongside the Delaware & Raritan Canal, S of Cass St. in Trenton, & adjacent to Roebling Wire Mills. The canal was filled in by public works projects during the great depression; & is presently the location of Rt. 129
Courtesy: West Jersey History Project
Right: Workers from the Old Bridge area stop & pose while building the C&A...more-than-likely the yard south of Runyon, in Middlesex County
Courtesy: Newark Public Library
Robert L. Long collection
Courtesy of John D. Katerba
Below: Prospect Plains station, circa 1905...closed in 1939
Below: Cranberry Station, 1903, where passengers would board Dey's stagecoach (at left) to cover the remaining distance
into Cranberry (passengers would cover their laps in frigid weather w/ blankets used for the horses the previous evening)
Courtesy of Peggy S. & Frank J. Brennan
From the James Christiansen collection